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LiveJournal, a blog community that’s hosted a lot of science fiction authors and fans (including George RR Martin), has officially banned “political solicitation”— which can mean anything that criticizes the Russian government, as well as pro-LGBTQ discussions. There are also concerns users can be subject to Russian spying.

The service grew in popularity as a social network in the early 2000s, especially among former members of SFF Net. LiveJournal’s popularity shrank with the rise of social networks like Facebook and Snapchat, and it was bought by a Russian company in 2007. However, since the servers were based in the United States, users weren’t subject to Russian censorship. Until now.


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Сидишь тут, спокойно смотришь на жизнь. 30-летние люди тебе кажутся завидно молодыми. И тут хлоп, налетаешь на фразу "30-40 летние тети и дяди"
И ты сама себе говоришь "нуйоптвоюмать!"